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Licenses issued by the municipality

There are 3 types of authorization:

The building permit for a single house and / or its annexes
This mainly concerns new constructions but also certain works on existing constructions.

Development Permit / Building Permit
This permit amalgamates old authorizations such as subdivisions, remembrements, installations and various works (campsites, playgrounds, parking lots, scouring and raising of land on more than 2 ha ....).

The license to demolish
In some areas of the municipality, obtaining the permit to demolish can be imposed before any demolition of construction. The purpose of this permit is to ensure the protection of the heritage.

Statement of work

The statement
It mainly concerns the constructions creating a surface between 5 and 20 m ² (shelter of garden, veranda, yard, balcony, garage ...), the works which generate the modification of the external aspect of a construction, some various works (cuts and felling of trees, raising or scouring of land over 100 m² ...).
The deposit of the files of declaration or requests for authorization is made in Town hall (form + plans).


You can consult the cadastre of Plourivo online on the government site of the cadastre or in town hall.
It is also possible to consult the old cadastre on the site of the departmental archives.